Pressure booster pump

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include crompton pressure pump, hydropneumatic pressure pump and lubi pressure pump.

Crompton Pressure Pump

Crompton Pressure Pump
  • Crompton Pressure Pump
  • Crompton Pressure Pump

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Model Name/Number4-40
Motor Horsepower1HP
Pressure3-4 KG
Discharge Pressure3-4 KG
Flow3000 LPH
Power SourceElectric

Offering High Pressure Pump for Desalination: High Pressure Pump for high pressure, seawater desalination, and reverses osmosis systems. This high pressure desalination pump is used for reverse osmosis - water desalination. It offers a smooth, quiet and continuous fluid delivery in offshore reverse osmosis [RO] installations and desalination systems. We are supplier of corrosion resistant, stainless steel pumps for high pressure, seawater desalination and reverse osmosis systems

Hydropneumatic Pressure Pump

Hydropneumatic Pressure Pump
  • Hydropneumatic Pressure Pump

Product Details:

Tempretaure0-70 degree celsius
Ambient temperatureMax 40 degree celsius
Driven piston diameter80mm
Pressure ratio1001

DQ Constant Pressure Water- Supplying System(Pressure-controlling Style) Applications The product roc he used for stable water supply or boosting in norma/ families, high buildings, villas, hotels, etc. It can also be gird for machine application and water supply for industry.

Features and benefits
• Constant pressure
• Easy route
• Energy saving
• Low noise
• Running with water protection
• Water shock waves protection
• More

Crompton Pressure Pump

Crompton Pressure Pump
  • Crompton Pressure Pump

Product Details:

Motor Horsepower0.5 hp
Power SourceElectric

They are manufactured using latest technologies and methods and are widely demanded these days. They are made available to our clients at very reasonable rates and within the specified time frame.


Bathroom Pressure Pump
Pressure : 2 to 3.5 kg
Power : 0.5 hp
Make : lubi/crompton

Lubi Pressure Pump

Lubi Pressure Pump
  • Lubi Pressure Pump
  • Lubi Pressure Pump

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Automation GradeAutomatic
Power SourceElectric
TypeOrdinary,Fixed Speed,Variable Speed

The pressure booster system is a life-style product best suited for water supply for shower panels, garden, sprinklers and multi-storied bungalows. It is perfect for use in homes, clubs, hotels, hospitals etc. Very aptly named 'Shower Joy pressure booster system' this product gives the user the pleasure of sharp, tingling jets of water while using the shower panel. Makes gardening very convenient as it is able to supply high pressure needed for sprinkler system. Also very useful for water supply connection to multiply bathrooms such as in hotels, bungalows where water supply is needed at a constant pressure.

Applications Specifications
• Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
• Pressure: High or Low Pressure
• Type: Ordinary, Fixed Speed, Variable Speed
• Brand: Akshat Applications
• High-pressure showers/ wall shower panels
• High-pressure supply to Bungalows/ small apartment complexes/ hostels/ hotels
• Gardening with lawn sprinklers
• Domestic washing of cars
• Small farms

• Automatic on-off feature – No need to check if pump is on/off before and after
• a refreshing shower
• Ready for use – fully assembled by factory. Hence, no referring to confusing
• manuals or diagrams
• Same water pressure on all floors of multi-storey bungalows

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